Bonsai Elements

Doors & Windows

An often overlooked but key element of the home, doors are integral to any design scheme. Defining the sense of space in our living areas, doors while functional, can be beautiful, elegant and impressive and are available in an unlimited range of styles, colours and finishes. Our offerings range from rustic barn style to simple, panel doors with traditional, decorative oak frames, to state of the art sleek Scandinavian door systems with flush frame and architrave. For a truly bespoke product, our unique 'design your own door' service presents a list of configurations stretching into the thousands.

Windows are also hugely important and we offer both timber and aluminium units from Vrogum and Sunfold respectively. Having two of the most flexible product ranges on the market, they offer products suitable for any kind of building project, whatever the style or environment. All windows and doors are fully factory-finished and double or triple-glazed to current Low-E standards.

Lastly there are myriad choices of external glazed doors and roofing systems, again from Sunfold and Vrogum.