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Nanai - Salmon Leather

Salmon skin is a superior alternative to other exotic leathers. With an appearance quite similar to snakeskin, Nanai provide an undeniably high level of versatility, beauty and luxury.  However, because it is made from organically farmed salmon skin and a by-product of the salmon industry (not from any endangered species), it can be used and enjoyed with a clear conscience.

The use of salmon leather is deeply rooted in ancient culture which is thousands of years old, however Nanai leather is produced in a thoroughly modern facility in Bavaria, Germany.  It is also produced using a 100% chrome-free tanning process ensuring that the natural structure of the salmon skin is preserved.

Nanai's salmon leather is available in various forms including by the hide, for specific clothing, jewellery or even interior applications such as cars, kitchens, furniture etc.

To visit Nanai's website please click here; to view their main brochure please click here and to view a document showing how Nanai leather has been used please cick here.