Bonsai Elements

Surface Preparation

This somewhat generic term refers to a multitude of potential tasks any of which may be required to make a floor surface ready for installation or finishing work of any description. Although not builders, Bonsai are well versed in such matters and are called on to carry out such work on a regular basis.


A sub-floor that is in very poor condition will require strong remedial action. A typical example might be a sub-floor in an older building that has been occupied by one or more owner. The new owners wish to have a new timber floor installed so during our first investigation, we pull back the carpet to reveal a mixture of concrete, screed, some cracking and areas of general instability (not uncommon). Clearly during the course of its life, there has been a considerable amount of work done to the floor and potentially several different types of floor covering fitted over the years.

Some more thorough investigation reveals loose sections of sub-floor which can be pulled up by hand (indicating poorly applied screed or levelling compound which has de-bonded from the sub-floor) and also some evidence of elevated moisture readings. We now have two tasks to address: sub-floor integrity and moisture.

To tackle the former we need to create a perfectly flat and stable surface to work on and so we must remove any unstable floor material. To accomplish this we use a variety of machinery which is designed to grind concrete and screed away until a stable surface is reached. The blades of the machinery create a flat and heavily pock-marked surface which is essential for allowing priming and leveling to take place.