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Moisture barriers, primers & flexible adhesives

Controlling moisture and ensuring a good quality, long lasting bond are arguably the most significant factors to consider when working with timber or other floor coverings. Both are taken very seriously at Bonsai and we go to great lengths to ensure this is done so that we can offer our customary guarantee against our work. We conduct thorough testing of the sub-floor to ascertain whether a primer or moisture barrier is required and depending on the circumstances, we utilise one or more of our preferred products. Bonsai are main distributors for 'Sika' - a construction industry giant with a specialist divison devoted to bonding timber. From a considerable selection Bonsai favour the following products, all of which are available to supply if required:


Sika® Primer MB

A solvent free, 2 part resin membraine barrier for sealing concrete / asphalt floors for use under timber or other floor coverings. As well as providing an impervious barrier to moisture it will also bind together slightly unstable sub-floors and will also serve to increase the adhesive's bond to the sub-floor. It's main uses are:

  • Moisture control
  • Substrate consolidation
  • Adhesion promotion
  • Coverage / Usage Approx: 0.5kg/m² (1 coat)

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Solvent free
  • Easy to apply
  • Allows faster completion
  • Good penetration and stabilisation of the substrate
  • Reduction of adhesion consumption
  • No broadcasting of the primer necessary
  • Suitable for use with subfloor heating
  • Packaging: 5kg or 10kg 2-part tin.

SikaBond® Rapid DPM

One component resin used to provide a damp-proof membrane on cement-based and timber subfloors. This product dries very quickly and can be applied the same day upon which installation of the floor covering is planned. It's main uses are:

  • Moisture control
  • Coverage / Usage Approx: 0.2 - 0.3kg/m² in two coats or more (up to 20m² per 5L)
  • Can also be used for priming, consolidation of porous screed and isolation of old adhesive residues prior to the application of SikaBond wood flooring adhesives

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Rapid cure
  • Single part, no mixing
  • Apply by brush, roller or squeegy
  • Solvent free, No VOC's
  • Packaging: 5L or 10L 1-part container

Flexible Adhesives

Widely recognised as the best way to fix timber flooring (and sometimes timber decking too), flexible adhesives are used the world over by industry professionals. They enable wood to be firmly fixed whilst still permitting the timber's natural movement without fear of breaking the adhesive bond.

SikaBond® AT-80

One component, ready to use, solvent free, elastic adhesive for full surface bonding of engineered and solid wood flooring. 

Suitable for:

 SikaBond®-T52 FC

SikaBond T52FC is a gun or trowel applied elastic wood flooring adhesive for use with any width board. It is also used in conjunction with silent layer mats as part of the AcouBond system.Used as part of the AcouBond sound deadening system as well as a full surface adhesive.

Suitable for: