Bonsai Elements

Preparation & Fitting

At Bonsai we recognise that without correct and thorough preparation, the quality of the finished article will likely be compromised. Whatever type of work our clients are considering we will attempt to ascertain at an early stage what, if any, preparation work may be required before a prospective job commences. This applies to any work that Bonsai undertakes from flooring to joinery or decking work.

As we undertake so many flooring contracts, much of our focus is on assessing the quality and condition of sub-floors. If sound, then flooring and other work can progress as planned, however if unsound then any issues must be immediately addressed. Common issues include surface quality, flatness and moisture levels; all of which are investigated. Should there be an issue of any sort, we have the expertise and products to tackle it thereby giving you complete peace of mind.

Though best known for the quality of our finishing work, our staff are experienced with sub-floor preparation, self-leveling, screeding and the application of a variety of specialist primers, moisture barriers and flexible adhesives.

Naturally we work with the finest products on the market and offer our comprehensive range on a supply-only basis if required. Bonsai are main distributors for 'Sika' - a construction industry giant with a specialist division devoted to preparation, levelling, moisture control and the bonding of timber. 

We are always available to offer advice and will help in any way we can so we encourage you to contact us with any queries you may have.