Bonsai Elements

Timber (Parquet & Decorative)

'Parquet' is a somewhat generic term, especially throughout Europe, and refers to timber flooring in general. However in the UK and Channel Islands we know it best as for it's reference to traditional decorative floors; most commonly seen many years ago.  Although we are fans of more modern plank flooring, we absolutely love parquet in all its forms and relish the chance to install them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Parquet is truly multi-dimensional and is available in myriad forms and sizes from the classic 'herringbone', to arrowhead chevron and everything in between. Parquets are often slightly thinner than plank floors and often installed over a timber sub-floor such as plywood.

One can be truly creative with parquets and they can also be successfully mixed with plank fooring and even other materials such as stone or leather. We particularly love floors such as this when they are installed in more contemporary builds as they provide a strong contrast and a real talking point to boot.