Bonsai Elements


Mafi engineered natural wooden floors stand out due to their longevity and robustness. These qualities are rooted in the 3 layer construction of the floors. The top layer and the backing layer constist of the same type of wood in order to reduce the swelling and shrinkage behaviour to a minimum. The cross-limed softwood mid-layer provides an additional optimal form stability. At mafi, the floors are never sealed but rather always naturally oiled. Therefore, the wood remains breathable which allows the air to clean and regulate humidity.

Mafi has establised itself as a trendsetter in the flooring industry through a variety of innovations.  Of particular note is the way in which timber's natural character including knots and splits are celebrated rather than being disguarded and made into features using coloured fillers.  Parts of their range feature hand planing around knots or texturing brought firmly into the modern era with the unique 3D textures of the 'Fresco' or 'Carving' floors. Similarly the 'Domino' range makes great use of the timber's end grain which is extremely durable in addition to being very attractive.

With approximately 20 different woods, most of which are local types, mafi offers around 250 differing products which are exported to more than 50 countries. Despite being internationaly orientated mafi does not forget its origins and produces exclusively in Austria.

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