Bonsai Elements

Alternative Floor Coverings

We offer several exciting and original floor coverings which can be used in place of, or to compliment, timber flooring.  These include: carpets & rugs, timber composite, concrete, leather, cork, rubber, vinyl and laminate.

Timber Composite ('Celenio')

This unusual floor covering comes from German manufacturer 'Haro'. It is a thin but highly durable timber tile made up of wood fibre and resin bonded together under very high pressure. There are many choices available styled to look like leather, papyrus, stone or slate. This is a cost effective and extemely attractive alternative to timber which can be installed comparitively quickly.  To see Celenio on Haro's website please click here or contact us to obtain a Celenio brochure.


French specialists 'Roxipan' are concrete experts having produced this material for the construction industry for several decades. Roxipan have perfected a process which enables them to pour concrete on to a stable backing material and create a stable timber tile for use on floors, walls and even in the creation of furniture too. Visit Roxipan's website here or contact us for samples to obtain a Roxipan brochure.


Also from German manufacturer 'Haro' this material has made a real resurgence as a floor covering. It is cheap, warm underfoor, simple to install and available in a great range of shades and designs. To see cork on Haro's website please click here or contact us for samples or to obtain a cork flooring brochure.


Another big seller from German manufacturer 'Haro' who are one of the world's largest producers of laminate flooring. A highly cost effective alternative to timber, Haro's range includes, amongst others, 'Silent Floor CT' (the world's quietest laminate) and 'Tritty' - a high end laminate with incredible guarantees, durabilty and design features. To see laminate on Haro's website please click here or contact us for samples or to obtain a laminate flooring brochure.


Purchased through the 'Rubber Floor Company' this versatile, tough and extremely varied floor covering is a truly fun alternative. Being waterproof it is often used in bathrooms, kitchens, gymnasiums and utility rooms though with funky designs from the likes of Wayne Hemmingway in the collection, rubber can be used in any area of the home. To see rubber flooring on RFC's website please click here or contact us for samples or to obtain a brochure.