Bonsai Elements


As Bonsai began life as a timber flooring company, this is still one of our core services and having supplied and installed thousands we are experts in this field.

We have a global network of suppliers and with timber at the heart of our range, our unrivalled selection includes both solid and engineered floors in every conceivable style, colour, width, length and finish. We also display a range of alternative and innovative floor coverings including cement, resin, stone, leather and cork as well as reclaimed and antique materials. The majority of our floors are compatible with under-floor heating provided that our simple guidelines are followed.

Each of our suppliers offers a range of unique products and in the event that you cannot find what you are looking for in store, we have access to a wide range of alternative options to meet your requirements.

When it comes to flooring installations, detailing is everything. It is, in our opinion, every bit as important as the main floor fitting and truly separates a good job from a bad one. We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve a world-class finish and will devote planning, care and attention to every detail no matter how minor. To view our timber flooring detail brochure please click here.