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'Earthborn' Eco Paint

Earthborn is a range of eco paints and natural varnishes designed to provide a healthier and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional paints and varnishes. Whether you are looking for VOC free paint, organic paint and varnish, water-based paint, water-based varnish or high performance paints and varnishes then Earthborn Paints has a product for you within its portfolio.

Earthborn Paints is proud to have been awarded the prestigious Ecolabel Flower symbol. This accreditation is awarded to paints, varnishes, flooring products and oils and waxes that meet the strict environmental and performance criteria of the EU ecolabelling scheme. Although other paint manufacturers may claim to be 100% VOC free and environmentally friendly, if they do not display the Ecolabel then it is difficult for a customer to make a properly informed choice.

To view Earthborn's Ecolabel certificate please click here and to visit their website please click here. Visit us in the Elements store to see the sample stand and to find out more.