Bonsai Elements

Annie Sloan _Signature Logo 2010

Chalk Paintâ„¢ a decorative paint by Annie Sloan

We choose only natural and environmentally friendly paints to form our range. Annie Sloan's incredible range has an unlimited shelf life and are designed for use on furniture, fabric or walls.  Annie's paints have something of a cult following around the word and for good reason - they are incredibly easy to use and enable even the most inexperienced painter to produce something beautiful.

They are also a firm favourite of our Bespoke team as they use the paints extensively when restoring vintage furniture or cabinetry. We have even used them to great effect on our bespoke timber floors when we have been tasked with creating a particular look for a client!.The paint seems to go on to any timber effortlessly and really is a joy to use.

At Bonsai Elements we always strive to keep a healthy stock not only of the paints but also Annie's terrific reference books too. Our customers give us endless positive feedback about these and they are incredibly useful when learning the many possible techniques. Annie's range of products is ever expanding and anything can be ordered through Bonsai!

To visit Annie's website please click here or pop in to the Elements showroom for more information and to see the paints and books first hand.