Bonsai Elements

Fences, screens and pergolas

Leave the rest of the work outside. Osmo screens and fences protect you from curious eyes and add a touch of style to any garden. The Osmo product range combines closed and open styles, trellises, gates and also the chance to combine materials.  Metal and timber can be married together and a choice of nine different wood species in numerous styles, sizes, colours and finishes. There are hundreds of combinations to choose from.

Finishes (depending on the chosen species there are 3 main choices)

Natural: If you prefer the natural look and elegance of wood then hardwoods such as Western Red Cedar will definitely catch your eye. Over time Cedar will change to a silver-grey patina colour tone. Other species like Larch or Pine can easily be pressure-impregnated to provide extra longevity and a choice of colours.

Transparent pre-finished: species such as Pine, Spruce and Larch can be ordered pre-finished from the factory. An additionl coat should be applied within 3 - 6 months to ensure fulll long-term protection.

Long-Term Protection (pre-finished): Why not do it the easy way? Osmo can deliver all species finished and ready to install in an array of transparent, opaque or 'effect' colour tones. The special two-coat factory applied system ensures that each timber type is well protected and easy to clean. Eminently durable it could be at least two years before any additional coats might be required.

Osmo Colour Finishes

All finishes are based on natural oils and pigments which penetrate deeply into the wood's cells to form a protective elastic and microporous surface.

Transparent: To enhance the timber's natural beauty by allowing the grain and figure of the timber to show through. this is a subtle way of protecting wood that would require regular maintenance.

Opaque: A red fence, white pergola or green gate. An even and perfect finish is guaranteed thanks to Osmo's modern flooding and spraying systems.

Effect:  New to the product range are screens and fences finished with Osmo 'Effects' which will add a touch of individuality to your garden.

Osmo Oil Finishes

Osmo is the only manufacturer who rounds off and completes its range with in house developed and produced natural finishes.  The finishes are based on natural oils and waxes: thistle, sun-flower, soy, linseed oil and carnuba and candelilla wax.  The finishes are open-porous and offer many advantages over normal paints, lacquers or varnishes. They allow the timber to breath, offer greater long term protection and do not crack, flake, peel or blister.  Damaged or faded areas are easily repaired, renovated or re-finished without the need for sanding.

Osmos' range, together with their other exterior products are available to view or download in their brochure here.