Bonsai Elements

Cabins, Summer Homes & Pavillions

Bonsai offer cabins, summer homes and pavillions from two main manufacturers: Lugarde and Osmo. They are available in an almost unlimited range of styles, sizes configurations and finishes and can serve a multitude of demands. They are ideal for storing bicycles, furniture or lawn mowers, but can also provide a peaceful retreat for working, reading, relaxing or even providing a place for guests to stay.

Aside from their immense adaptability and practicality they look stunning in any garden and will last years given the quality and standard of materials used in their construction. Please check out the detailed brochures below or ask in store for more details and current prices.

Osmos' range, together with their other garden products are available to view here.

To see Lugarde's range, please contact us or visit us in store.