Bonsai Elements

Bonsai 'Elements' Showroom Shots

Elements is Bonsai's newest showroom in which we showcase a little of everything that we sell.  Below is a collection of shots of a few of our product offerings:

A close-up of our custom porthole from 'Philip Watts Design'. Here it is situated on our 'Sensu' timber front door which we custom finished to withstand the rigours of life on the seafront!

Elements _Showroom Various 13


A small selection of door 'sets' from our Swedish supplier 'Dooria':

Elements _Showroom Various1


One of our in-store display monitors above a small range of our ancillary joinery items such as skirting, perimter trim and architrave. These are some our of 'off-the-shelf' profiles, though with our bespoke showroom we are able to custom manufacture any profile a customer wishes. To the right are some more door sets from 'Dooria' and to the left are a few of our conventional solid oak and walnut doors from the 'Sensu' range.

Elements _Showroom Various 10


A selection of solid oak and walnut conventional (traditionally fixed) doors from the 'Sensu' range.

Elements _Showroom Various 11


A little more of the showorom with a partial shot of our counter displaying a few cleaning and maintenance products. In the background a large image of a local decking project which contains a hidden door leading to our restroom. The secret door uses a push-to-open mechanism and concealed butterfly hinges from our specialist supplier 'Simonswerk'.

Elements _Showroom Various 12


Bonsai offer a huge variety of ironmongery including handles, hinges, light switches, window fittings, door knockers, letterboxes and house numbers etc from well over 10 manufacturers. We try to cover most styles and price points though with only limited space to display everything we have to keep display items to a minimum and keep a plethora of brochures to refer to.

Elements _Showroom Various2


Flooring is at the core of Bonsai's product offerings and our selection is dominated by timber. No other company offers the same selection as we do and we have also branched into some alternative floor coverings including leather, concrete, resin, rubber and composite amongst others.

Elements _Showroom Various5


The door to our restroom is a walnut unit from our 'Unique' range and is adorned by a handle and thumbturn lock from our 'Sensu' range. This combination is attractive and incredibly cost effective too and very popular with developers and homeowners alike.

Elements _Showroom _Walnut Door CU


In typical Bonsai fashion we took as much care over our restroom as we did with the rest of the showroom! The walls feature beautiful and unusual 'endgrain' oak that we custom-finished with white hard-wax oil in a natural matt finish to allow the beauty of the timber to show through. We carried the timber though to the the custom doors beneath the attractive stone sink which sits atop a bespoke and chunky walnut counter. All made in our 'Bespoke' workshop.

Elements _Distressed White Oakand Walnut Sink2


A close-up of the hand finished end-grain oak on the walls.

Elements _Distressed White End Grain