Bonsai Elements

Burghfield House

Our clients underwent a complete renovation for this lovely property situated in Guernsey's parish of Castel. The building was taken almost entirely back to a bare shell before being extended and improved whilst retaining as many of the original features as possible such as the staircase.  A full list of Bonsai's contributions are as follows:

 Bonsai worked alongside the following on this project:


Shots by MagiPhotography


 The large Sunfold roof lantern helps flood the area with natural light.


When the Sunfold doors are folded completely back, the living area is dramatically increased in size and the ingeniously designed floor track is barely visible; thus making for a great, subtle bit of detailing.


The entrance hall retains the original staircase which was restored and painted. The flooring was installed by Bonsai and custom stained to the client's specification.