Bonsai Care

Maintenance Products

We stock a full range of cleaning, treatment, restoration and maintenance products at Bonsai Elements. There are products for both interior and exterior timber and we offer consultation and advice on which to use. Some of the manufacturers specialising in exterior treatment include:


A French company with a long history and what we at Bonsai consider to be the finest range of pigments, stains, oils, varnishes and cleaners available anywhere in the world. Their range is vast and they have products specifically designed not only for use on timber floors and decks but on fine furniture and cabinetry too. Blachon's products are also used by specialist floor and furniture manufacturers all over the world and are kept in stock at Bonsai Elements. Please click here to visit Blanchon's website and here to download their brochure.


Owatrol are experts in the treatment, maintenance, preservation and restoration of interior and exterior timber. In particular Bonsai Care favour their exterior treatment range for working on decking, cladding, or marine timber. Their range is vast and they have a product for every conceivable application. Bonsai stock most of their best selling products and we also special order items if required. Visit Owatrol's website here or pop into the Elements store for more information.