Bonsai Care

Maintenance Contracts

Have Bonsai do the work for you. We undertake maintenance contracts for domestic and commercial clients and are frequently consulted by industry professionals trying to determine the best way to treat and maintain an assortment of timbers. Many people are of the mistaken belief that all timber must be sanded every few years to get the best out of it though this is simply not true.


The very best way to maximise the benefit of your timber investment is to carry out regular maintenance from the start, either yourself or by Bonsai in the form of a maintenance contract. In most cases this would likely involve only one or two visits per year to give the timber a professional clean using our scrubber-dryers. We may also apply a maintenance oil or lacquer to keep the surface finish looking fresh and performing well.Treatment such as this is inexpensive, will dramatically increase the lifespan of your timber and will mean that it should not need to be sanded for many years.

Decking & Cladding

Depending on your choice of exterior timber we have the products and know-how to maintain it. If left untreated timber will fade to silver/grey which is liked by some though not by others. We are called upon once or sometimes twice per year by clients wishing to keep their deck or cladding looking as colourful and vibrant as the day it was purchased. We will use specialist products to strip any impurities from the surface before treating with several coats of penetrating oil. Repeated oil treatments will gradually build up a level of protection and resistance to the elements from within the timber, thereby increasing its lifespan and reducing the future maintenance.

Contact us to vist your property, have us assess the timber you have in place and let us advise you on the most appropriate course of action.