Bonsai Care

Farmhouse Hotel

The Farmhouse is one of the best known local businesses with a thriving restaurant that is busy all year round. The restaurant is divided into several sections, many of which have natural timber floors. The smaller dining room contains a solid maple strip floor while the bar, corridor and other sections feature wideplank prime oak.

A busy establishment means a lot of customer footfall and so the floors have to be finished carefully and with highly durable substances. After speaking with the Farmhouse management, 'Treatex' commercial grade hard-wax oil was chosen for its excellent resistance to wear.

Bonsai's maintenance team work in close conjunction with the hotel's management in order to minimise disruption to the hotel's day to day operations. We are able to carry out work efficiently and often at unusual times to ensure that the restaurant is always open.

Farmhouse _Euro Oak _Bar 23jpg

Farmhouse Hotel Refurb

Maple strip floor