Bonsai Bespoke


Whenever we are approached by a new client to create something for them we typically follow the procedure outlined below. Things are never set in stone of course and we like to be flexible according to the circumstances and nature of the commission. Commissioning furniture is a leap of faith and we invite you to jump in with us!

Stage 1 - Consultation

A client visits us at our showroom and workshop facility to discuss their project.  We spend time finding out about their requirements, exploring such things as timber choice, basic concept and any reference material or ideas the client may have brought. We aim is to have enough information in hand to prepare a budget estimate and, assuming all is well, progress to the next stage.

Stage 2 - The Estimate

We prepare and present an estimate outlining the project as a whole including design particulars, timber selection and any known detailing.  We provide a budget figure which represents a realistic and accurate amount to complete the project in the manner discussed.  Assuming we have satisfactorily met the brief, and depending on the size of the prospective project, we may ask for a small good faith deposit (something in the order of 5%) to progress to the next stage.

Stage 3 - Design & Quotation

At this stage we use a software package to help create a final and accurately dimensioned design representing the finished piece.  This will incorporate everything from timber (or other material choice) to fine detail and hardware (if applicable).  Accompanying the design will be a written quotation detailing the project in full. At this stage Bonsai retain ownership and intellectual rights over any design created.

Stage 4 - Job acceptance

Having satisfied all the design criteria with the detailed quotation and design, our client wishes to proceed with the creation of their piece. We issue final paperwork for signing and ask for a 50% deposit upon receipt of which we schedule the production by planning in the workshop time and ordering the relevant materials. We also try to give an accurate lead time for the project.

Stage 5 - Production

The most exciting part of the process is seeing a design come to life and we encourage our clients to visit the workshop to follow the progress of their piece as its being created.  This is immensely rewarding and truly sets a bespoke piece apart from the widely available mass-market creations which occupy such a large proportion of the market.

A final word

Creating bespoke work that may be around for centuries to come is rewarding, challenging and a source of great pride and satisfaction to us. We very much hope to be of service.