Bonsai Bespoke

The Bespoke Showroom

Early in 2013 we completed a thorough renovation of our first showroom and office - now known as our Bespoke showroom.  As the heart of our organisation this space was conceived to be a celebration of everything that is custom made; either by Bonsai here in Guernsey or by one of our specialist partners elsewhere in the world. We wanted the area to inspire; feeling less like a conventional showroom and more like the living space in a beautiful home where furniture, lighting and other accessories all come together in unison. Every surface and object is either for sale as seen or demonstrates a particular skill, style, technique or material which can then be remade as something else or incorporated into a personal project or scheme.

In addition to our own creations which include bookcases, cabinets, wall panelling with leather, display units, coffee and bar tables, we used this space to champion two of our marquee partners from our new Homes venture: Piet Boon and DK Home.  Both are pioneering Dutch companies with the former possessing a stunning collection of interior and exterior furniture and the latter having a huge and incredibly diverse portfolio of products (including incredible lighting) all of which are hand made using exotic materials from around the world.

To find out more about how you can use our Bespoke service to enhance your project please visit us from Monday to Saturday or contact us if you wish to arrange an appointment outside normal hours.

Shots by MagiPhotography