Bonsai Bespoke

An unmistakably contemporary project where walnut was the primary material of choice for the client. With a small but tall glazed entrance, they sought a striking staircase which married walnut and stainless steel but which allowed light to pass through in order to maximise the sense of space. Additionally the clients stipulated that, although glass was a desirable material, they did not want any visible fingerprints and we therefore selected a unique 'shattered' and toughened glass laminate panel for the staircase risers.

Bonsai worked in conjunction with excellent local companies Atec Engineering and Stainless Steel Fabrications for the assortment of beautifully made balustrade, string wedges, hand rail, newel plates and glass.  Lastly we installed an engineered walnut flooring in an attractive natural grade to match the primary staircase material.

The following summarises our involvement on the project:


Broken glass risers allow plenty of light through the staircase

Meon Reach _entrance


Closeup of the LED reflecting through the risers on to the stair tread

Meon Reach _glassrisers CU3


American walnut on the staircase and floor tone well together and are offset by the metal fixings and bold LED

Meon Reach _hall And Stairs


A neat aluminium fixing for the handrail

Meon Reach _Newel And Alufixing


Meticulous attention to detail with neat fixings throughout and a matching plate inlaid into the top of the newel

Meon Reach _newel And Fixingdetail1


Metal fetaures strongly in this distinctly modern staircase

Meon Reach _newel And Fixingdetail3


The steel wedges in the string are both structurally important and aesthetically pleasing

Meon Reach _newel And Fixingdetail2