Bonsai Bespoke

Les Goubeys Farm

We have always loved this gorgeous granite property which the owners have carefully extended and renovated over the years. As part of the most recent (and considerable) extension Bonsai were approached to help select and install the right timber for the flooring and staircase that would best compliment the building's considerable natural beauty. 

After careful deliberation the clients selected the stunning and distinctive Douglas fir - a choice we were delighted with and only too pleased to source.  The timber type was only the beginning however as the clients wanted an unusually large specification on the boards - 6000mm long and fixed widths of 450mm so as to stretch the full length of the largest rooms.  In the smaller areas we were able to select boards of reduced dimensions so that they sat comfortably within their surroundings.  Floors such as this are not commonly available and as such we turned to one of our most specialised mills based deep in the Black Forest of Germany - the place from which this timber is sourced.

The ability to procure completely customised products such as this is one of the things that sets Bonsai apart.  After installation the boards were sanded and hand-finished on site using the traditional method of lye followed by several coats of soap; in this case subtly pigmented white. Looking at the finished article its hard to imagine anything more beautiful or suitable for the interior scheme.

Bonsai worked alongside a multitude of local contractors to complete this job though most closely with Turx - the manufacturers of the metal staircase on to which our custom made treads were fitted.  We hope you enjoy the images!

The following are some of the companies which Bonsai worked alongside:

Shots by MagiPhotography