Bonsai Bespoke

This project marked a welcome departure from the norm as our client wanted to steer away from traditional appearances and go for a distinctly contemporary edge. Timber still features heavily in the staircase, doors and hallway panelling which contrast nicely with the large concrete floor tiles throughout the hall and main living area.  The colour pallet was primarily grey and we picked occasional accents in white and other lighter shades to lift the scheme where possible.  All the finishes were applied by hand using 'Blanchon' natural pigments and hard-wax oils. 

Bonsai contributed the following to the project:

  Shots by MagiPhotography

Dooria entrance door, 'Philip Watts Design' lettering, Turnstyle Designs external ironmongery and letter plate.

Dooria entrance door, black painted, featuring custom aluminium '3D' lettering


Detail shot of concrete tiles with flush wall panelling beneath staircase concealing hidden storage and bathroom doors.

Concrete floor closeup & view of flush door detailing under staircase

White-oiled oak edging ties in the ceiling and walls and contrasts the grey oiled staircase

White-oiled oak edging contrasts against staircase and ties in with ceiling and walls


Dooria 'Adera' oak door system, grey oiled and adorned with custom stainless steel and leather ironmongery by Turnstyle Designs.  The floor features large concrete tiles by Roxipan.

Dooria 'Adera' oak door systems hand-finished in grey