Bonsai Bespoke


Hojo has been one of the most popular and thriving local business for many years. Bonsai have been contracted by the last two owners and have helped to transform the restaurant from its previous incarnation as 'La Perla'.  During the first contract Bonsai installed a Sensu bespoke distressed floor together with 'Sunfold' SKF70 aluminium sliding folding doors. Although the first floor has gone due to a flood, the new floor is another from our 'Sensu' distressed range.  We also supplied and installed the heavy weight commercial walnut entrance door (with some extra door closers!) and we created a matching walnut serving hatch which was suspended in the glass window.

Several years on, those features till remain though the second time around, current proprietor Luke Wheadon called on our bespoke team to create a lot of custom woodwork, in particular the stunning bar (which we inset with extremely tough concrete) and surrounding wall panelling. In typical Bonsai fashion all woodwork was hand-finished to match and stands up well to the rigours of daily commerical use. Its a project we're proud of and we certainly enjoy returning whenever possible to sample the excellent food and drinks!

The following is a summary of the items contributed by Bonsai: