Where would one find the world's largest floorboard?

Bound for the Black Forest!

One of the things that make Bonsai stand out is our ability to source just about anything; especially timber related. We travel extensively in search of new and inovative products for all manner of applications and constantly strive to better the selction that we offer our clients. Flooring has always been at the heart of our product range and as such we pride ourselvelves on having a selection at our disposal which rivals that of any other company in the world.

Depending on the application we have scores of suppliers to call upon and this particular manufacturer is based deep in the heart of the Black Forest. They are little known even in the professional world and do not sell to the public, though they produce a small and incredibly exclusive range of products which are re-branded and sold all over the world to an assortment of high end residences. They proudly boast the world's largest floorboard as part of their portfolio (16 metres long and 600mm wide in oak) though will hand select and custom manufacture fully sustainable timbers including oak and fir; each of which is sourced on their doorstep in accordance with the local authority's strict re-forestation rules. In short for every tree felled, at least two are re-planted in its place.

Mat, Lee & Garrett from Bonsai spent a great few days touring the facility and surrounding area and were even able to participate in the manufacture of a client's flooring - Douglas Fir in fixed widths of 450mm and lengths of 6000mm!  We love the versatility of timber and have used these not only for flooring but for wall panelling and a variety of furniture applications too.  After a couple of great evenings in Freiburg having enjoyed some glorious weather and customarily great hospitality from our agent we returned home full of ideas and inspiration!